Rental vacancy rate

Perth has always had a long term rental vacancy rate at an average of 3.5- 4%.According to REIWA this week, “Perth Metropolitan rental vacancy rate is currently sitting at 6% which is an alarming figure. There are a total of 10,611 properties listed for rent in Perth Metropolitan area.” Good news for all our owners that have chosen Corporate City to manage their properties as we are currently having a vacancy rate of only 1.7% in our management portfolio. Not only Corporate City has achiev

How Lithium Mining could affect Property Market

In the last 12 months we have been hearing about news on Lithium mining. But what is Lithium and how would it exactly affect the property market in Perth? Lithium is a key ingredient used in energy storage systems for solar power, rechargeable battery & electric vehicles which are expected to be widely used over the next 10 years. According to 9news, “the interest in lithium is being pushed by the sales of electric cars, which currently account for 3% of the motor vehicle market and expec
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