About Us

Corporate City Real Estate was created to fill a special niche within the Real Estate Industry for Strata Titled living in Perth WA. Strata Titled Living (Apartment Living) is popular due to the ‘Lock and leave’ lifestyle which attracts  Retirees down-sizing, Corporate with busy lifestyles, people who like the City lifestyle, tenants relocating for work, and Corporate Companies for employees. With the world moving at a fast rate people are choosing Strata Living over ‘freehold/Green Titled’ as a preference.

Strata Titled apartments can be very complex with each building having different boundaries on each strata plan defining what is owners lot and what is common property. Unless your Property Manager or Sales person is experienced in Strata Titled Living you could be out of pocket for expenses that are not owners responsibility.  With each building will also come By-Laws which can result in the owner receiving a penalty or monetary value if the tenants have not be provided a copy of the By-Law.

Corporate City takes the stress out of Strata Titled Properties for Developers, Owners, Investors both Overseas and local as well as tenants by specialising in one area to become the best.

All staff are trained not only in their chosen field of Property Managers or Sales, they are also trained on the Strata Titles Act to ensure all our clients receive the best quality service with working know of how Strata Title properties work. Corporate City staff have also been known to dedicate their time to perform in the role of COO and Chairperson on Buildings so they have experience and working knowledge of all aspects of Strata Titled properties. This is voluntary unpaid work, but shows the dedication and commitment that Corporate City performs on behalf of their owners.