We currently service the areas of Perth

Specialising in Sales for Strata Titled Apartment Living

Corporate City specialises in sales for strata titled apartment living. We currently service areas throughout Perth.

If you want to invest in what is considered the property wave of the future, contact us. Strata living involves living in multi-level apartment blocks or horizontal subdivisions with communal areas. Its communal living, with a luxurious and convenient twist. Depending on the development you are buying into, you can enjoy a wide host of amenities and facilities such as a pool, gymnasium, BBQ area and a residence lounge.

If you are buying to rent, or are currently renting out your apartment, we offer a wide range of property management services, which include:

  • Engaging licensed contractors for all your property maintenance requirements, which we oversee
  • Leasing out and managing your asset if you are renting your property out
  • Deal with rental arrears
  • Do inspections and provide property and inventory reports
  • Routine inspections
  • Final bond inspections
  • Organising Landlord insurance
  • Financial reporting

If you are new to strata living, it may appear to be complicated. However, it is designed to make your life much easier. Corporate City Services is tailored for you to grow an investment, and keep your property safe and secure while it increases in value. All of these are made stress-free with the right agency that will educate you, make life easier for you, and walk you through the process.

Strata titled living is effectively made up of you buying a portion (known as a ‘lot’) of a building or structure, that becomes your own property investment. When purchasing a strata living apartment you are also buying into the body corporate for that building, adherence to the bylaws – vary from state-to-state – and shared maintenance of the common property. You or your tenants will enjoy the facilities and security of a strata titled apartment.

Corporate City staff are trained in property management and sales of strata titled properties, and we will guide you throughout the process. First, we will find an apartment to suit your exact requirements; after all, our motto is ‘whatever it takes’. We also go a hundred steps further to take care of everything else thereafter. We are known for dedicating our time to performing the roles of COO and chairperson(s) on buildings, so we have experience and working knowledge of all aspects of strata properties. This is voluntary unpaid work but shows the dedication and commitment that Corporate City performs on behalf of our clients.

We take full care of all property management demands for new and old investors and tenants. If you currently own an apartment and need a property management company that is going to put your needs above their own, Corporate City is the agent for you.

We are all about customer service and going the extra mile. Our customer service can be tailored to suit individual needs as well as those of developers, overseas investors, corporate companies and tenants seeking friendly and efficient property management. It is not about what you can do for us, but what we can do for you!

Contact us today for assistance. We look forward to helping you; whatever it takes.